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Ensure compliance with the OH&S Act

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We are in business to supply a structured support service relating to occupational health and safety (OH&S), thereby assisting businesses to protect their employees and their family members, customers, suppliers and anyone else who may be affected by the workplace environment.

Compliance to the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) is very important for every business – not only because it is the legal thing to do, but also because it is socially responsible and morally right. Your employees, clients and other visitors to your premises are the people who keep you in business - and their health and safety is therefore vital.

Many businesses do not know where to start to put a comprehensive management system in place for OH&S. This is where Beehive OHS can make the difference. We have developed a system that will help you fill the gaps in your OH&S systems and to maintain your preparedness as your business grows. We supply services to suit your particular needs and your current level of compliance. You could do our self test to form an idea of how prepared your business is, or you could book a no-obligation 30 minutes OH&S survey by one of our experts.

Structured Support Services relating to Occupational Health & Safety

Our Basic Service Includes OHSMS Occupational Health & Safety Management System. We also include:

online system & database

You will have access to our online system & database.

A quarterly or monthly visit

Depending on the type of subscription you choose.

Beehive support services

To guide you in terms of additional services needed

Annual review

We will review all your requirements related to your workplace environment

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Beehive OH&S can help you to be prepared in terms of Health & Safety

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We would like to thank Beehive OH&S. All our areas of concern with regard to occupational health & safety are managed by them and we can carry on with running our business.

Beehive OH&S Services was the company that offered what we believe to be the perfect all-in-one affordable solution.

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