As a market leader in our field, Beehive Occupational Health and Safety Services (Beehive OH&S) assists our clients in being prepared for occupational health and safety-related emergencies and in being compliant with the relevant laws and regulations.

In addition to supporting clients to develop and plan relevant management plans and to maintain those in a changing environment, we also offer training courses relating to OH&S. 

Our expert advice and support are aimed specifically at ensuring that our clients are or become compliant to the South African OHS Act and related regulations.

Together with our clients, we aim at:

A safe, healthy environment for staff, customers and clients and visitors to clients’ premises.
Legal compliance support in terms of OH&S.
Increased productivity and other advantages through staff that are adequately protected and trained in terms of occupational health and safety.

Who are we?

Beehive OH&S provides services in all parts of the country. The Beehive team supports our clients via electronic means and also personally throughout the country.

Who do we serve?

Beehive OH&S provides services to organisations in various sectors of the economy. Currently many of our clients are engaged in the retail, agricultural and educational sectors, but we are constantly adding to the sectors that we serve. Through our comprehensive risk assessment guidance, we ensure that the specific and unique operations of our clients are covered.

Your OH&S status?

Are you uncertain about your OH&S status and the management plans that have to be in place? Click below to fill in a quick OH&S management status form that gives a broad impression about your legal compliance status. Filling in the form will also give automatic permission for one of our agents to contact you with further information and a discussion on how we can best support you.

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