Our system is aimed at ensuring compliance to legal and ISO standards.

  • Beehive is appointed as OH&S service provider via a contract. To enable us to cover our initial costs and documentation, and to ensure that we are fully prepared to deliver an ongoing service, this one-year contract can be renewed annually.
  • In consultation with our clients, we consider all the relevant factors that apply to employers in their specific economic sector.
  • Our rigorous approach starts by identifying major gaps or weaknesses in an organisation’s management systems.
  • During the auditing and consultation phase, our full audit covers all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993 and other relevant regulations.
  • After the assessment and consultation relating to areas that need specific attention, we guide and assist clients to design and implement the necessary fixes and keep current systems up to date.
  • Our solutions include an internet cloud-based SHEQ management system, as well as a digital desktop version.
  • We work with a specific nominated staff member of each client to ensure continuation and facilitate scheduling and other arrangements.
  • We suggest and provide training for staff where relevant.

Constant vigilance |

Vigilance to ensure occupational health and safety compliance is an ongoing process. OH&S strategies and plans should not gather dust on a shelf and must be rigorously implemented and monitored. For instance, installations of new heating or cooling systems, pipes, wiring, extensions, or building renovations could have unintended consequences for health and safety—especially where third-party service providers are involved in such work. 

We assist our clients to remain vigilant and compliant under all circumstances.